From GLAMettes

I loved everything about the MGGR shoot! The shoot was awesome and the clothes were fab!  I had so much fun with the other girls and I’m proud to be a GLAM Girl!

— Kalia Age 10 • New York, NY

MGGR photo shoots are super cool and stylish! I love playing dress up. It helps to boost my self-esteem. I felt so confident. I also enjoyed meeting the other GLAM Girls and making new friends.

— Araya Age 8 • New Jersey


From Glam-Moms

Marina had a blast the day of the shoot. From getting the word she was going to be a part of My GLAM Girls ROCK, to meeting the girls and LaToya, it was amazing. I witnessed the girls complimenting each other on success stories being shared, to encouraging each other for a shot well done. My GLAM Girls ROCK is more than just pretty girls wearing brands…it’s about being confident and successful in anything you do. I am thrilled Marina is apart of such a cool group of ladies. Thank you LaToya for choosing Marina to rock My GLAM Girls ROCK!!!

— Candi • New York, NY

From my initial contact up until now, LaToya has been very professional and sweet.  You could tell she put a lot of thought into her brand and the shoot itself… from what it means to be a MGGR girl…to the models, clothes, photographer, etc used that day…. everything went so well!   We are very honored that Kalia was chosen to be a GLAMette!

— Christine • New York, NY

I was very appreciative MGGR picked my daughter to be apart of their vision.  LaToya was very organized and had every thing in order. She was very professional and made the girls feel very comfortable. I loved the diversity and each girl bought something different to the shoot.  It was such an honor to have Araya a part of your vision, which I could tell you are extremely passionate about.

— Aja • New Jersey


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