You think deejaying is for adults only? Think again. We had a chance to catch up with twin DJs Amira & Kayla. Let's find out what it is really takes to be a kid deejay. MGGR: For those who are not familiar with your story; please tell us how you girls got into Deejaying? GLAM Girls: […] Read More

Meet GLAMprenuer Megan Grassell founder of Yellowberry- a company offering bras, underwear, lounge and athletic-inspired apparel exclusively for girls with an extra boost of confidence to encourage them to dream big and know they have the support to do anything in the world. In 2014, Megan was selected as one of TIME Magazine's 25 Most […] Read More

#Believe In Yourself

Do you feel that no one believes in you, what you can do? Do you find it hard to feel motivated when you feel that no one has any confidence in you? Believing in yourself is not always easy! Nothing will work if you don’t believe in it! Everyone is not going to support you. […] Read More

Do you want to be a MODEL or ACTRESS? We had a chance to catch up with models/actresses: twins Anais and Mirabelle! They agreed to answer a few questions for us and let us into their GLAM World! The GLAM Girls give great insight into what it really takes to be a kid model/GLAMprenuer and […] Read More

All girls have their different first bra experiences. Growing into womanhood is quite exciting, and the requirement for your first bra is a positive sign of maturity. Girls have different experiences with their first bra. Our topic today closely relates to our growth, your first bra. I know some of you are already shying off […] Read More

  I ran across this amazing article on FutureOfBusinessAndTech "5 Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids This Summer!" A recent study concludes children are capable of learning smart money habits by age 4 and core behaviors are set by age 7. The good news is: our children are developmentally capable of learning smart money habits much […] Read More

A GLAM Girl’s Mindset

Hey GLAM Moms, I wanted to share with you A GLAM Girls Mindset! While praising your GLAM Girl may give her a brief boost of confidence this kind of praise leads to a "Fearful Mindset". Show her how to recognize a "Fearful Mindset" and how to replace them with a "Fearless Mindset". Failure teaches our […] Read More

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Meet GLAMprenuers Madison and Mallory, founders of Angels and Tomboys®—a body care line of uniquely scented lotions and body spray for tween and teen girls. We are all about Girl Power, and the mission of Angels and Tomboys® is to empower young girls and boost their confidence with fun and feel good scents, ranging from […] Read More

Tips for Summer Reading - Summer Reading Giveaway! . Summer vacation is a time for GLAM Girls to let lose, have fun, vacation, and spend their lazy days lounging in front of the TV or video games. Studies show that most students experience a loss of reading skills over the summer months, but children who […] Read More

Source: 8 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Teach Your Kids (Infographic) […] Read More

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