A GLAM Girls Guide To: My First Bra!

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All girls have their different first bra experiences. Growing into womanhood is quite exciting, and the requirement for your first bra is a positive sign of maturity. Girls have different experiences with their first bra.

Our topic today closely relates to our growth, your first bra. I know some of you are already shying off on the mention of the word ‘bra’. Accepting that your little tweenies are growing can be quite hard and to some extent awkward. I’m actually reading a lot about embarrassment stories when it comes to purchasing your first bra.

It is perfectly normal and required. Want to know something? I myself didn’t feel embarrassed at all! Yes, and more shockingly neither did my young niece, it actually made her feel like a big girl. You need to keep your body in shape as it takes on some physical changes like your breast blossoming.

So, when is the right time to buy your first bra? It all depends on our bodies; sometimes some girls tend to have their bodies grow faster than others. For instance, you may notice your breast blossoming at 9yrs while another may have a delayed growth and have them blossom at 13 or 14yrs. When you notice they have grown you can try buying your first bra.

Yellowberry_6Have yourself the best first time bra experience from Megan Grassell’s line of cute and comfortable bras, The Yellowberry! Megan at age seventeen took her younger sister Mary to shop for her first bra. Megan and her sister walked up and down the malls looking for an ideal first bra for her sister. Unfortunately, they did not get anything that her sister was excited about; instead, they were disappointed by the available options for her baby sister. Shops offered and marketed other sorts of bras; which were either padded or push-up and Meagan felt that this is not what they needed.

Megan picked up the few tools she had, which included her dad’s yellow pad and a few savings she had made over the summer holiday. She settled down to hand draw patterns of the bras; which worked for her sister and other GLAM girls.

Today, the company offers a broad range of girl’s products. These include bras, innerwear, and athletics related wear for girls only. You can also get to enjoy her fun new styles of bras such as Tiny Teton, Bug Bite, and Tweetheart. So cute and amazing just for you! These are designed in such a way that they will make you feel and look very comfortable hence boost your confidence. They dare you to dream big, get comfortable in your skin and remain glamorous at the same time. As a GLAM Girl, you must check out YELLOWBERRY bras for your ultimate shopping experience.


  • Ensure you have someone accompany you to the best shops in order for her to advise accordingly. That is definitely your mom.
  • Get the right size of bra for your breast. You can take some measurements to ensure you get a nice fit.
  • Let your mom help you get the right fabric to avoid skin infections as some of us develop such when the fabric is poor quality.
  • Get a simple bra as you will adjust to grown up bras as time goes by.

For GLAM mums, be very supportive and help your girls understand the change, as it is a sensitive time for them. I would also advise you to avoid teasing and anything that would make them feel awkward or embarrassed. So, go out there today and get yourself a nice bra, don’t be embarrassed, be a GLAM Girl, ROCK It!


Oh! Did I mention that while we were searching for my niece’s first bra we came across a cool brand of socks called, “FREETOES” owned by Kathlyn Lohr?! She is only 13yrs old but has really done an impressive job with her toeless socks. She developed the idea by chance since her mother wouldn’t let her go outside to play without socks. She wanted to wear her flip-flops, yet it was cold outside. She had to cut off the toes and her friends at school thought it was an excellent idea. These socks are comfortable since they keep you warm and at the same time do not limit the type of shoes you can wear with them. Rock your loungewear with these cool pair of socks today!

Do you think the journey to buying your first bra is embarrassing? Let us know your thoughts…we want to hear from you!

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