A GLAM Girl’s Mindset


Hey GLAM Moms,

I wanted to share with you A GLAM Girls Mindset!

While praising your GLAM Girl may give her a brief boost of confidence this kind of praise leads to a “Fearful Mindset”.

Show her how to recognize a “Fearful Mindset” and how to replace them with a “Fearless Mindset”.

Failure teaches our kids important life lessons. For one, it’s how they learn resiliency.

Always encourage risk, failures, and learning from mistakes.

GLAM Girls don’t settle for average, get complacent, or comfortable! Always shoot for the stars, push boundaries and face challenges!

P.S. Print out this cool GLAM Girls Mindset for your GLAM Girl to post on her wall as a daily reminder :-)!


The GLAM Fairy

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A GLAM Girls Mindset

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  • Shameka June 29, 2016, 10:31

    I love this idea….. I will definitely do this with the girls…..

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